Do You Know the Value of Your Business???
You Know the value of everything... Except for the one thing affecting your future the most...
The Value of Your

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quickSURF™ Value NaVigator : Zillow for your Business
Just As Easy:
Basic Company Info
Current Financial Statements
Prior Years Tax Return
With More Insightful Information:
The Value of Your Business
Industry Benchmarks
Personalized Ratios to Demonstrate Company Health
• Calibrated Dollar Valuation of Your Business
•Personalized Video Explaining Ratios
 •30 Minute Follow-up Call for Interpenetration, Questions, and Training
 •7 Day access to unique valuation 'If This - Then That' portal 

Most Importantly : Clarity Into Your Business and Its' Potential

Do You Know the Value of the Single Most Influential Asset Affecting You and Your Family's Future??? 
You know the value of everything…
 your cars
 your home
 your bank accounts
 your real estate holdings
 your stock holdings
 and other related investment accounts…

You know the value of everything except the value of the one thing that has the most direct impact on the quality of your life, your freedom and your future options and choices… The Value of Your Business. 
From The Desk Of Frank F. Lunn
Bloomington, IL
Unlike most programs, I can almost guarantee you will not be satisfied with your result. Historically, the value of a business is almost always significantly less than an owner perceives, but that doesn’t really matter because there really are only three outcomes from this exercise in clarity: 
Either (1) You are Happy – “All systems go, full steam ahead.”  

You are (2) Unhappy to possibly even Angry – “This can’t be… I need to dig in to understand why this is off so much”  

Or you are (3) Freaked Out – “This is FUBAR! – What happened? What the heck do we do now? How do we fix this? But… But… But…”

Yes, your situation might be UGLY — I've certainly been there. We lost millions of dollars because we did not know what we did not know. Believe it or not, this is actually a gift... wouldn’t you rather know now and have time to face it and fix it? I know I would have!
Do You Know the value of your business???
Don't wait until it is too late. For less than $250, you can know the value of your business.