One question I didn't know the answer to as an Entrepreneur Business Builder cost me $4M

We may not know each other yet, but I have the feeling we might have much in common.  

I’d like to share something I did not recognize when it first came my way and it wasn’t until I paid a very heavy price that the lesson actually sank in.

A previously unknown secret even more powerful when focused for the entrepreneur’s benefit -- to uncover and magnify their true potential. Truly a Force Multiplier.

Over 20 years ago, my business partners and I accidentally discovered a new niche within the ATM industry. We couldn’t afford to compete head to head with anyone, so we took the only avenue we could find and organized an entrepreneurial buying group of sorts to harness the strength of the group. The vendors, trade groups, networks and suppliers we worked with benefited via efficiency in a “one to many” relationship through us. 

Somehow we found traction in serving both sides of a fragmented marketplace and fragmented industry and our little company started to grow… fast!  

The original company name was a three-letter acronym, CMS, Inc. As we were planning to grow, I jokingly told our attorney, “If this thing works, it could be the Big Kahuna!” We were missing one ingredient we eventually found that catalyzed it all and made it take off.

We were graciously provided some personal inspiration by the late – and definitely great – Zig Ziglar. It wasn’t a clear and compelling mission or vision; that would come later. Instead what Zig gave us was part business model, part resolution, but ultimately a complete and clear operational mandate as to how we would build our business.

A small adaptation to his most famous mantra gave us a unifying purpose.

“We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve!”
Little did I know the power of combining hundreds of smaller businesses within this unifying purpose would launch a multi-million-dollar business!

After 15 years of investing in growing our ATM business, I thought I had it all. Topline revenue was growing. Clients were growing, in number and size. We were investing in our infrastructure, hitting all our goals, and even positioning for the next phase of our business plan.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I was forced to sell the business!
No, I didn’t get a divorce or have a co-founder leave in a flaming throw-down-knockout fight. Our forced sale was the result of industry consolidations. I really didn’t think it would ever become an issue. A common assumption with small businesses in every industry. You think you are insulated from the trends. Sometimes you are…and sometimes you aren’t…

Because a sale was pending, we sought out a certified business valuation; it was NOT pleasant. After enduring one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had, the certified valuation was given to me. I learned “certified valuation” sounds better than “full-blown audit of everything in your business, disrupting daily routines and key staff workflow”.

It bogged down productivity as various staff were compiling information and reports while also keeping up with their full-time responsibilities. Not just financial reports, but training manuals, processes and procedures, client acquisition, client performance, specific payroll, compensation, and other human resources records for the prior three years.

Not only did I have to reduce our productivity to provide all this information, but I had to pay more than $15,000 for the privilege of having this process completed! Thank you, Sir! May I have another?

Simple “Multiples” Will NOT Be Enough
When talking about the sale of a business or an exit, we’ve all heard about “multiples” to denote how many times the multiple would generate. We’ve probably all had friends, family, and other entrepreneurs tell us what they think this should be.

I thought a multiple had to be a bigger number than the revenue, right? I mean, we are being forced to sell, but this was still going to be great – Right!! Right?? right?

WRONG! I thought this would be better. I thought I should be happy. After all, that’s the only reason anyone builds a business. To sell and exit, right?

After several weeks, we had provided all the information and accepted the requisite beatings to finally receive a certified business valuation report.
We were given a number. A cold hard number… 
Devoid of recognition or credit for blood, sweat, and tears. Devoid of sacrifices made and years of nurturing. Devoid of times when employees got paid, but my partners and I did not. I could go on, but I’m pretty sure you understand and could add your own angles for entrepreneurial extrapolation.

When it was all complete and after a very compressed cycle experiencing all seven of the stages of grief – several stages repeated, all I had was a dehumanizing report of “DEVALUATION”.

All the plans, investments, and improvements we made… almost none of it was credited to our value.

We had just invested over a million dollars in new custom software and infrastructure upgrades and improvements to better serve our clients. None of it mattered. All the planning and excitement and vision of the future was cast aside.
Our ultimate value – specifically because we were not prepared and did not know what we did not know -- came down to a few MBAs, CPAs and other highly educated bureaucrats who did not know us and did not care. We only got credit for value the acquirer deemed valuable and unfortunately, it did not match up well for us.

For us, this was EVERYTHING  
For them, it was as emotional as reading the nutrition label for a can of beans at a grocery store. After all, beans are beans.

We had intellectual property, proven processes, a dominant and recognizable national brand. We had master vendor agreements, significant domains, a robust support network, and infrastructure. We had client lists and other significant future potential value, but we could not get credit for it when it really mattered.

We literally had hidden treasure in our business. But we were not prepared. We did not have a treasure map. The treasure was never found, and it cost us a great deal of our fortune.

Because we were not prepared, when the need to sell happened, we had no options and no time to respond. If we were prepared, we could have sought out an auction for multiple buyers. We could (and 100% without a doubt should) have documented our treasure map to claim the value worth millions of dollars. 

We were so focused on growth and new clients we were dangerously ignorant – and from one entrepreneur to another, I can tell you with absolute certainty – Ignorance is EXPENSIVE!

I should have been happy, right? But I wasn’t. The one thing I had been driven to build, create and nurture which provided for my family, staff and their families all came down to a number. Actually, the number wasn’t the real problem, it was the placement of the decimal point that really bothered me.

In the end, the exit wasn’t as terrible as it could have been because it was still a seven-figure exit. We were happy enough, but it was still a bitter pill to swallow knowing it should have been eight!

It was an exit. An exit I was forced to do when I wasn’t planning on it at all.
It Felt Like I Had No Real Control...
The fact I had no real control in the decision is almost the worst... second only to leaving millions of dollars unclaimed.

I am a builder. I am perpetually curious to find out new ways to structure a deal. I believed I could build an empire that would allow me to give more back and make this world better. But that was all gone, and I’d have to start over.

That’s OK. I’ve built this before, I‘ll just use the proceeds I earned to start over.

If only I had been given the luxury of time, another year or two to fix the areas I didn’t realize were broken, I could have changed everything. But I didn’t have that chance.

Unfortunately, after the dust settled from the sale and my eyes had been opened to the blinders I had been wearing in our business, it really hit me hard that we left at least $4 million dollars on the table. How do you make up $4 million dollars in business? Like the old joke about how to make a small fortune – start with a large one and screw it up.

Unfortunately, that’s not where I was starting. We should have had more to invest and more to build. This just didn’t feel right, but it was the reality we had.

Deep inside me, I had this burning frustration that fueled my exploration. Through trial and error, I discovered there was a gem buried within the valuation process. A different type of hidden treasure, but a treasure no less.

Rebuilding For The Benefit of My Fellow Entrepreneur Business Builder…
For the past nearly six years, we’ve been rebuilding a new company– serving other entrepreneurs, business and practice builders in helping them avoid our mistakes. You might look at it as our multi-million-dollar lemonade recipe as we practice the New Science of Dynamic Guidance Entrepreneurship – applied to helping entrepreneurs navigate Strategic Business Valuation.

At the root of the issue, I didn’t have the technology available to help me and my team. We used to be stuck with an internal server running our accounting program and business management software that wasn’t intuitive or affordable to run. Even worse, there was no way to easily pull or push information between systems, like we have today.

I also didn’t have the luxury of the methodologies of valuation being readily available. Today, the combination of this with technology has provided an entirely new opportunity for using business valuation for strategic planning.

But most importantly, there was never an entrepreneur-centric approach. I have always despised having bureaucratic advisors, businesses and systems constantly misunderstand who I am as an entrepreneur. They look down their noses at me and throw technical jargon around to sound more important. I wasn’t going to stand for it anymore and neither should you!

80/20 Exponential
I shared this with a few close friends a year ago. The results were exponential!
In fact, we had a client increase the value of their business by $1 MILLION in 6 months after going through our proprietary process! $6.5 Million to $7.5 Million... You read right, MILLION!

I believe this growth is only a fraction of the potential and the beginning of an entrepreneurial business revolution.

So now I’m sharing our Discovery Value NaVigator™ process with you!

We’ve all heard about the power of working on your business rather than just in your business. Let’s be honest. You’ve likely just created a j-o-b for you to work in every day, 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our process reveals the 20% of the efforts producing 80% of your results. Knowing the 80/20 advantage in your business will drive exponential results. But I don’t just share this with anyone. Quite honestly, this will become an unfair advantage to those who use this new knowledge.

Earlier I shared I believed I could build an empire which would allow me to give more back and make this world better. That is still my goal, to continue to provide services that support and accelerate the success of other entrepreneurs. The core of our motto --
 “We Achieve Our Victories Through the Victories of Those We Serve!”
Over the past 6 years, I’ve been investing into a NEW Science and invested every penny I had from my previous exit. EVERY LAST CENT from yesterday and more than a few borrowed from tomorrow!

None of the specific technologies or methodologies we currently use were even available when we had our exit. I’m positive, that if I would have only had the first component in what I’m about to share, it would have been worth multiples of millions of dollars alone. This one simple but profound component is the first step in any discovery process.

Had we learned and applied early enough on, not only would we have had millions more dollars, but this one thing at the right time would have corrected the issues necessitating our forced sale in the first place. It and would have changed our trajectory and changed our destiny.

Our system utilizes the specific application of the new science of dynamic guidance as an application tool and process for entrepreneurs. It is not exactly rocket science, but the foundational principles are actually found in application and use within guided missile technology.

Fortunately for our purposes, it is not nearly that complex or technical. This system is based on four cornerstone principles in action. To make it even simpler, lets break it down into two essential truths and then we can come back to the scientific process.

2 Foundational Truths…
IF you can use the tools of observation at your disposal to survey your situation to understand exactly where you are (your current position), you will have a starting level of CLARITY.

This clarity is important, not only in orienting to determine where you are, but is also critical in the same process applied to where you want to go. It is important to develop clarity in understanding your potential options as well as your limitations and challenges.

THEN you can make good decisions for desired outcomes with INTENTIONALITY.

The combination of Clarity combined with Intentionality is the essence of the “Discovery Process” which is the first phase.

It is easy to minimize or trivialize these two simple words in combination and miss the tremendous power of Clarity & Intentionality. This is the first step in amazing transformation. This is the first step in metamorphosis from ordinary to extraordinary – from incremental to exponential!

The Clarity Formula for YOU...
I know without any hesitation or doubt that if I would have literally only had Clarity for my situation 12 to 18 months before I was forced to sell – I would have known we were over weighted with a single and unhealthy client concentration.

Clarity in hindsight is always easy, but that in no way diminishes its importance to learn and apply going forward. Clarity in documenting everything important and valuable as a treasure map, to OUR treasure and fortune, would have made a monumental difference in choices of timing and direction – if, and when WE decided we wanted to pursue an exit.

Even Clarity in how U-G-L-Y our initial valuation was – if we would have had an understanding of what actually created value in our business and the drivers of value we could control and improve.

 “A problem clearly defined is 95% solved.“ 
--Perry Marshall
Even the painful initial shock of discovering our business was worth millions less than we thought it should be, we could have accepted that painful feedback and Intentionally learned and applied it to correct our course for a new destination and valuation outcome.

We could have taken Intentional steps to broaden our client base and shore up other vulnerable areas.
We could have… we should have… but we did not. Like you and everyone else, our history is written. Our past is done, but our future is still in play.

The “Discovery Process” of Clarity combined with Intentionality is a powerful foundation to build from. There is another phase in this process, but I’ll save that for later.

I have a hypothesis about entrepreneurs – about real entrepreneur business builders -- as opposed to operators and people who own their jobs.

My hypothesis essentially is that once an entrepreneur makes the BIG decision to achieve something bold and audacious, they will ultimately succeed. It may not be exactly what was initially envisioned, but I have no doubt the genuine entrepreneur will make it happen.

When we develop a vision for what we want to accomplish, it is never small and incremental – it is usually something exciting and terrifying -- something so compelling to us, there is no way the challenge could not be accepted.

There is a slight caveat to my hypothesis. Yes, with almost complete certainty, I believe we will make it. Making it on the most direct and most efficient path?? That is a different story.

These two theories seem at odds. Essentially, there’s no doubt you will be successful, but the question really is, does making it difficult or longer make it worthier? Speaking from experience, other than interesting stories to tell, the more efficient and direct path is almost always better.

Faster Results…
Seriously, you are going to claim the reward… wouldn’t you like to achieve it faster and in the most economical and efficient way possible?

You can gain this insight without spending a ton of money, time or distraction for you or your team.
Honestly, that’s exactly why our team has invested so much time, money and energy in the application of this new science of dynamic guidance entrepreneurship with a specific application to navigating the value of your business. Not because you need your “number”, but because you need clarity.

You know in your gut what you think your business is worth, but you can’t be sure. It actually has nothing to do with thinking about selling your business as much as it is knowing the capability and potential of your most valuable income and wealth producing asset.

Most entrepreneurs will unfortunately be caught completely flat footed and unprepared like I was. Only 2% of small business owners have ever had a business valuation and I would bet that nearly all of those had NOTHING to do with value as a business development and acceleration tool. But that is exactly what you have the opportunity to discover.

Explore Our Program
We will have to gather information from you, but it won’t be the colonoscopy-level probing you’ve likely encountered in the past with financial advisors.

The first step is to DISCOVER your current value and it’s potential. Yes, you will be given a number that will seem cold and hard BUT you also receive information on what that number can be and areas to concentrate within your business to get there.
I don’t think there is anything more sacred for business builders than potential. Potential is what sparks the idea, what makes you ask the question and then dig for answers. Potential breathes hope and determination and creativity into your daily efforts to improve and succeed.

As with any science, there is a process we follow. The required information are items you already have access to or can easily retrieve. In less than 7 days, our team of Value NaVigators are able to guide you through this process.

We provide a secure way for you to upload your historical documents. Our process requires the entrepreneur or business leader to complete a questionnaire. The insight provided to our team when you complete this simple document, allows us to begin uncovering the hidden potential beyond just the cold numbers.

Much more than just a number…

Other entrepreneurs have told us, “We never even considered the value of “who”, “where”, and “how” we serve others, beyond the “what.”

We know! That’s the power of this entrepreneur-centric approach. The number is only ONE piece, there’s much more that makes you and your business unique. But no one else ever looks at this, at least not until they want it and try to devalue it…or you.

Just Imagine how it will feel knowing the foundational value of your entire life focus.
The added clarity you will have will also naturally build the confidence your team, peers, and family are seeking from you as well!

Entrepreneurs who engage in our Discovery Value NaVigator™ process receive

1) actual value of their business, and
2) the potential of the value.

What this ultimately means is entrepreneurs have the clarity to understand where they are today, what the future potential might be, and what hidden opportunities lie right in front of them.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
Meet Brett Snodgrass, CEO of Simple Wholesaling  
“One of the most important things that Kahuna really helped us with, is valuing our business, and thinking about our business in such a different way. I always used to think that if we were making profit, that was good enough. But they’ve helped me look at my business from a 1,000-foot view, to put all the pieces together, to help increase the value of our business.”

We have clients in multiple business types, numerous industries and business niches in all 50 states. Our business model is designed to discover and add significant value to essentially any small business.
This letter and this specific offer is actually NOT for just any business or even most of our existing clients. We know what we do works and we know we can continue to grow on a steady and normal growth trajectory. But steady and normal is not the goal…
Our unique and proven Discovery Valuation process will provide you with a solid understanding of the value of your business and you will have your current “number” – actually you will have three. Along with your current market value, you receive a worst case liquidation value as well as an optimistic premium value to provide the full range.

Your value is important, but not the main focus. The main focus is clarity for the potential and efficiency of your business as a current income and future wealth creation vehicle.
Together We Can Achieve Even MORE
To be fully transparent, we are excited to provide this offer but not to just any business owner. We only want to work with SERIOUS business builders! Our team refers to this niche of entrepreneur as eXponential enTREPrenerus or XTREPs for short.

We are on a bold and audacious mission to work with 1000 XTREPs in the next 18 months.

To help XTREPs find clarity in understanding their current value and value potential, then to assist with calibrated feedback and dynamic focus to benchmark their start and document adding a million dollars or more to their business value in the shortest time possible.

Individually working with 1000 entrepreneurs as they each add a million dollars or more in value is exciting in and of itself. Adding over a BILLION dollars of documented value increase for other crazy business building entrepreneurs is an amazing and worthy endeavor.

What we will learn and the value to share with others on our similar journey is important.
What you receive...
The Discovery Value NaVigator™ includes:
     Discovery Exploration Call – A 30-minute call to welcome, explore, document, and learn about the entrepreneur, their business, and their industry.
     Entrepreneur Questionnaire – Simple & easy, yet insightful, survey for the entrepreneur leader. Designed to uncover possible hidden value drivers or value detractors for the entrepreneur and their team.
     Secure Data Collection – A drag and drop process to aggregate and collect all necessary information to perform the Discovery Valuation.
     Kahuna quickSURF™ Value & Analysis – A 29-page report with information and insights related to YOUR business are reviewed by one of our Kahuna Value NaVigators, uncovering points of discovery to ensure complete understanding and smooth application for the entrepreneur.

In addition to understanding your ACTUAL Value you will also receive at no additional cost:


Pathfinder Review – An interactive session (up to 90 minutes) with our Kahuna Value NaVigator Team to review the Discovery Valuation results, providing you with a personalized quickSURF™ analysis.
This process converts information into insight and translates insight into action! The Pathfinder Process provides you and your leadership team Clarity for where you are and your potential. Clarity leads to Intentionality to plan the most efficient course for your desired end-point.

What's the Investment? 
Great question! Since exponential business builders investing in their future will understand this, here’s a summary:
  • Kahuna quickSURF Value & Analysis- $ 1,750
     o Discovery Exploration Call
     o Entrepreneur Questionnaire
     o Secure Data Collection
  • Account Setup - $ 995
     o Secure Portal Setup
  • PLUS Discovery Value NaVigator Pathfinder Strategy - - $ 2,000
A total value of $4,745.00

Join Our Mission!
To jump start summer and achieve explosive results in 2020, we are allowing only a few XTREPs to join our process. Right now, we are offering the Discovery Value NaVigator for only $3750.
A 21% discount!
This won’t last long! I have business coaches and other investors who want to expand these services. They KNOW this is a steal and want to provide this to their clients.
To take advantage of this now, simply:
We’re on a mission to help business builders achieve over $1 Billion dollars in growth! Think that’s too BOLD? Then maybe you don’t see the potential. This isn’t just about the money, it’s about strengthening entrepreneurialism. In my opinion, this is truly the backbone of the U.S. economy!

Imagine the potential benefits to all those around you? What would an exponential revenue increase mean to your team? Could you implement better comp plans? Benefits? Upgraded systems? How would it feel to pay off your business loans and have the banker begging you to borrow their money instead of the other way around?

All of these exist and more, but not at this price forever…

I am only offering this discounted opportunity for a limited time! If you believe in the power of the future, and want to ensure you hit your targets, don’t delay!

Remember, this NEW Science will only exponentially expand from here and so will the price!
To take advantage of this now, simply:
Before I go, A Quick $4,000,000 Lesson from a Fellow Entrepreneur…

Take a moment and step back… think practically about this…

When you begin this program and complete it…

There are really three possible results from this process, I call them… the good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. The Good - you receive a confirmation that you have built a successful business and that you are on the most direct path toward success. You can now spend less time second-guessing yourself and more time focusing on moving the dial.

2. The Bad - You locate potential issues - some you had no idea existed - you now reconsider your goal and re-calibrate your focus to achieve your goals faster.

3. The Ugly - your business is a mess, and you had no idea. "Why did I even do this?" you may ask... I felt that way after we completed our first business valuation. If this is the case, we will help you discover how to improve your value.
Regardless of your discoveries - now you know where you are, and you can make more informed decisions moving forward.

So, Entrepreneur, ask yourself this.

For $3750, rather your valuation results are good, bad, or ugly…

…Wouldn't it be nice just to know?

For only $3750, you can KNOW for sure, and from that, you can make better decisions and proactively secure your current income and future wealth.
To take advantage of this now, simply:
Thank you, Entrepreneur, blessings to your endeavors,
Frank F. Lunn
Kahuna Business Group
P.S. Don’t wait like I did. It cost me $4M and my business to learn and build the program I am offering you today.

Valuation isn’t something entrepreneurs think of until it is VITALLY important….

By then, like me, it is far too late to make any changes .

Don’t wait, for $3750 you can ensure the safety of your current and future business success.
To take advantage of this now, simply:
Pay and Begin My Discovery Journey Today!